ETGO is a third party application that connects business owners in the entertainment business to their users.

ETGO offers a set of applications to help end users find a suitable place and reserve their slot; help the business owner to manage their business, and help the administrators of the system to raise the service level.

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The first App is the end user app. It allows the user to find the nearby entertainers, while offering a variety of filter options. The user can view the details of the place, from time availability to pricing to pictures of the place to news, reviews and much more. The user can then make a reservation at the suitable time.

The App integrates a reward system for the users, as well as a referral system, and a notification system with notification history; All in one place.


The Second App is the Business owner App. It allows the business owner to manage their profile and personal information; Setting time availability, updating pictures, news, and pricing.
The owner can view all the upcoming reservations, user profiles, user reviews, and much more.
The owner can scan the QR code of the end user to start the reservation or cancel the reservation if they wish.

Most importantly, the client can view statistics related to their users to get better insights for their market and target audience.

thepalace software company
thepalace software company


The Point of sale web application in integrated with Entertainer App. It opens an invoice for each reservation so the business owner can add extra items to the invoice; perhaps food and beverages.

It allows the entertainer to manage revenues, expenses, and inventory.

It completes the business cycle by providing the entertainer with all the needed software to run their business.


ETGO Admin Dashboard provides information about all users, entertainers, and reservations; to allow the administrators to manage the subscription to the software for the entertainers. resolve conflicts by viewing all reservation data, receive queries and disputes, reply to user’s messages, push custom notifications, view statistics, and much more.

The Palace Dev created ETGO from A to Z. From business analysis and problem definition, through UI/UX design and implementation, to API implementation and testing, to all the necessary integrations, all the way to deployment and delivery.

thepalace software company