thepalace software company

SAL125 is a state-of-the-art software that would support the manifestation of the life you want. It would help with the following:

  • Plays the role of your personal coach, with a series of questions, uncovering the matrix of your values, and your conscious and non-conscious priorities.
  • Unleashes your imagination, spending some of your time to write your desires, and save them, so you can come back to them any time, and to prioritize your vision accordingly.
  • Helps you in creating your vision for you own life, your company, or your family, with the aid of a program that directs you to the right way in defining visions professionally.
  • Provides the detailed procedures for making the necessary plan for achieving any goal in a scientifically step by step sequential manner.
  • Contains a section dedicated to encoding physical symptoms that the user may wish to uncover under the unconscious convictions behind it, and providing suggestions for dealing with them.
  • Includes exercises and applications concerning the law of attraction, the law of manifestation and the law of reflection in a smooth and easy way in which the program plays the role of coach that provides guidance to clarifying desires.
  • Has a full section on frequencies of all kinds and for all uses including physical, mental and social aspects.

The Palace Dev created Sal 125 for Dr Salah Alrashed, the leading personal coach in the middle east with over 350k clients, starting by UI/UX design and implementation, to API implementation and testing, to all the necessary integrations, all the way to deployment and delivery.

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