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Zzabbatapp. Is a cloud Accounting solution aimed towards assisting small businesses owners and startups run their financial assets and their human resources as well.

Zzabbat application to contain solutions for most problems facing startups and small companies, from its billing process, costs planning and tax obligations, and also linking users to each other within the business team on the same platform to facilitate the leadership of the human resources of businesses without wasting and dispersing them. We have also provided a platform for an in-app consultations, which is the first of its kind in any application of the same type that links users to a group of the best accountants and consultants in the field in Egypt. To complete the missing link for owners of emerging companies for the need of various financial, tax, marketing, accounting and companies’ establishment.
ZZABBAT gives the users their own personal identity to their invoices so they can stand out from every body else, by customizing their invoice with their own logo and contact information. They will be able to mail or print their invoices and look always professional.

Zzabbat offers a mobile app for companies to manage their expenses, revenues, assets, employee tasks, and more. It allows users to view data across multiple companies with multiple user roles and permissions.
Zzabbat also has a consultation module in which the user can request a consultation from the administrators, by choosing the specific consultation forum and uploading the relevant data. The admin will then carry on the consultation inside the chat.
Zzabbat is strongly constraint to double entry system accounting which can be a replacement for accounting books.

ZZABBAT puts the users in the commander seat of their own business by giving them  charts, timeline and curves for their expense information rather than a raw data to empower them to take decisions more wisely and efficiently.

Zzabbat Admin Dashboard

Zzabbat admin is the portal from which zzabbat admins can control the system and reply to consultations and manage users and subscriptions.
The Palace Dev created Zzabbat from A to Z. From business analysis and problem definition, through UI/UX design and implementation, to API implementation and testing, to all the necessary integrations, all the way to deployment and delivery.

The dashboard in the account gives the users a quick snapshot of their business’ finances so they can see their outstanding invoices, profit, and where their spending is going. The dashboard also allows them to access their reports so they can take a deeper look at their financial situation.